Good Ideas for Marketing at Festivals

We don’t only go to poker festivals here at this blog: we enjoy all kinds of events for both fun and business. This can be a difficult space to negotiate, especially if you are not used to promoting in this way. There are preparations to be made, and a mindset to adopt, if you are going to use festivals to promote your brand or business.

We’ve had some experience and success in this department, and to give back a little more we created an article focusing on this very subject. You can find it on the Periodontist Marketing at Festivals page. In this article, we delve deep into what to bring, how to set things up for maximum success, different promotional materials tot have set up beforehand, even give you an example of how one niche and business is using this idea to grow their business (including points and an FAQ).

There are right ways and wrong ways to go about this, and we break it down for you. We wrote about dentists and periodontists here as an example, but the idea can be used by any type of business. We hope you enjoy it!

Oh Say can you see, by the Sparkler’s Light?

Flags and fireworks fly high in the sky as millions of people across the nation celebrate independence, freedom, and togetherness every year on July 4th. The holiday is also known as Independence Day, and has been recognized as a federal holiday since 1941. It is a paid day off for all federal employees. Why do we celebrate this day every year? The 4th of July honors the “birthday” of the United States, and the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. The major reason why the colonists wanted their freedom was taxation without representations – taxes were enforced upon them without their say. Common symbols for the day are the American flag, celebratory fireworks, and “The Star-Spangled Banner.” The day was memorialized in 1776, as the colonies were finally recognized independent from the British Empire.

The 4th of July would not be what it is today without fireworks. But what is it that really makes the 4th extravagant? Well, hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent every year on this one day. Firework stands spring out of nowhere weeks before hand.

  • Even in these hard economic times, Americans are anticipated to spend as much as $3 million on 4th of July festivities.
  • An estimated 87.8% of Americans will take part in the celebration
  • $111 million will be spent on charcoal to fuel barbecues to cook everything from hamburger patties to turkey dogs.

Not only in America

Many other countries do celebrate their own personal Independence Day. Americans should keep in mind that not everyone in the world is partying hard on the 4th. Mexico celebrates its independence on September 16th, to commemorate the day that they broke it off with Spain. South Korea marks August 15th on their calendars, to celebrate both its independence from Japan, and the creation of its government.

What else is there to know about this fantastic celebration? Well, of course, there are the thousands of community events that take place one day of the year. Every community, just about, holds its own personal celebration with fireworks and barbecues. Of course, as with any holiday, there are those few places that stand out, and are the ideal to go to for your 4th of July celebration. New York City, the Big Apple, is one place to see as the skyline is lit up with fireworks. The annual Macy’s firework show is something not to be missed. Washington, D.C., the heart of America; what better place to go to show your patriotism? There’s a parade along Constitutional Avenue, as well as a spectacular firework show at the national mall.

Of course, nothing could compare to setting off those little fuses in your own driveway. What fireworks should you get? There are some that make a lot of noise, some that create a lot of light, and some that can show you a rainbow. Local firework stands tend to have amazing deals. Sparklers are a classic for children to wave around. Some have patriotic names such as “The Morning Glory”. Whatever fireworks are bought for the 4th, it is advised to be safe, and be smart. The 4th is a day of remembrance and celebration, so make it count and have fun.

4th of July: A Brief History

The fourth of July is America’s Independence Day, celebrating their victory over England in the Revolutionary war which began on July 4, 1776. People all over the United States celebrate this holiday, traditionally using fireworks and grill outs to mark the event. Here you’ll find a little history on this holiday.

The Declaration of Independence

The fourth of July is considered to represent America’s birthday, as it was the day the Declaration of Independence was announced, which was basically a notice to England that their loyal colonists had decided to form their own country in the new world, and that they wanted to absolve themselves of all ties with England. It served as not only a declaration of Independence, but also a declaration of war, since England was not going to easily allow these “rebels” as they refer to them as to break ties with the motherland.

The declaration had actually been approved by Congress, however, two days prior, on July 2nd. They had been considering the matter since June of 1776. However, the holiday has always been traditionally celebrated on the fourth, beginning in 1777 when gunshots were fired in the morning and evening in Rhode Island in commemoration of the Colonists’ legal separation from the Kingdom of England.

Establishment of the United States

The United States was established as a country in 1776. Prior to that it had been a collection of colonies made up of English settlers. Some of the colonists came to the united states to pursue religious freedom, while others saw the formation of colonies in the new world as an opportunity to make money by establishing themselves in the new world. Many colonists open businesses, which were heavily taxed by England.

The Boston Tea Party

During an event known as the Boston Tea Party, many settlers banded together and dumped crate after crate of tea in the Boston harbor. The message they were sending to England was twofold. One, they were saying that they refused to pay taxes on British items. Secondly, they were making a statement against England itself, since tea is the traditional drink of the English. This was one of the first events in the Revolutionary war.

The Fireworks Gala

Firework stands appear on highways, and many people enjoy fireworks displays cities wide, with many choosing to shoot fireworks off in the middle of cities, and even in their own backyards. Nearly every town has an official fireworks display, at which citizens gather around to watch the fireworks, and appreciate the country’s heritage. The fireworks that have become associated with the holiday are reminiscent of the lines from the country’s national Anthem that makes a reference to “bomb bursting in air” which as the song goes on to say “gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.”

While relations between England and the United States are now one of solidarity and alliance, there is no celebration of this holiday in England. Likely, it’s a part of their history they’d rather forget. In contrast, it’s a federal holiday in the United States of America, and a day which citizens of America will always remember and celebrate. The fourth of July is a holiday as American as baseball and apple pie.

Chris Moneymaker Biography

Chris Moneymaker was never expecting to turn into one of the most recognized poker players in the world, but he managed to do this when he won the 2003 WSOP main event bracelet. Chris was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1975 and moved out to Tennessee before highschool. He then graduated highschool in Tennessee and went on to attend the University of Tennessee where he graduated with a Masters Degree in Accounting.

Chris then started working as an accountant in a suburban lifestyle which at the time seemed like the perfect life. Over the years Chris had always loved to play card including bridge, blackjack and poker. It wasn’t until later on in his life that he took poker seriously and started working on his game. When he wasn’t working as an accountant Chris would spend hours playing online poker at Poker Stars working on his game and making a nice side income.

He eventually entered a satellite tournament on Poker Stars with the prize being a package to the 2003 WSOP main event. The tournament only cost him $39 to enter and he won first place and the prize package to go to the WSOP main event. When he went to Vegas I’m sure he had no clue he was going to make a run for the bracelet, but the underdog came through and surprised the world by beating Sammy Farha heads-up for the bracelet.

The WSOP main event was the first live poker event that Chris had played in at the time and noone had expected him to make the final table let alone win the event. His style of fierce betting and putting the pressure on his opponents held up though and it changed the whole poker world. Apart from the WSOP main event bracelet Chris has notched a lot more money finishes on the world poker circuit. This past year he also finished fifth place in the Online Poker Championships put on by Poker Stars.

Chris now spends time playing online poker with who he is sponsored by and also works as a spokesman for Harrah’s Entertainment. Chris has also released in book in 2005 after winning his main event bracelet teaching other poker players how to turn $39 into millions. He has slowed down a bit in recent years and focuses mainly on large buy-in events now because he is spending more time with his wife and daughter.

If you’re a new poker player no matter what your age is then you should really read Chris’s book because it can teach you a lot. Chris has turned the everyday working class dream into reality and has gained a ton of fans in the process who would love to be just like him. Since 2003 the online poker world has seen massive increases in the number of players who play poker and this again is in large part due to Chris winning the main event bracelet. Everyone is trying to become the next Moneymaker and I don’t blame them at all as it’s the perfect story of the underdog coming through.

4th of July – Typical Celebration

In America, 4th of July is a festive holiday celebrated by every proud American. The streets are filled with sausage grilled smoke and burgers teeming with savory taste. Fireworks glorify the vast expanse of the sky with fiery bright sparks flying up high before they come crashing on down and fade into the night. Fourth of July is an exciting holiday for many people living in America. It is a National Holiday celebrated by families and friends with a simple gathering in their backyards or patios.

Work hours are cut short, some business are usually closed. Nonetheless, it is recognized as the best relaxation holiday during the summer. Residential streets are busy with the traditions of 4th of July cheer. Firecrackers set ablaze and spin around on the ground of roadways. M80′s go off and set off the alarms off of nearby cars. The sun gazing over dozen of people’s backs, the clear blue skies waving gentle blueish-white hues, the smell of barbecue lingers in the air while men sip on Bud-light beers. Women chatter all around while men kick-back listening summer songs played on the radio. Children chase each other, tumbling on the ground. Mothers carry out dishes in and out of the dining room preparing each meal, burgers, hot-dogs, an all-round American deal.

The joyous laughter beats loudly out back by the patio. You can’t help to notice your niece playing with your sister’s sons. Your dad is joking, laughing, while flipping patty’s on the grill. His brother comes up and asked him if he’s ready to bring out the sausages. Flashes catch you by surprise at first. Until you spot your nephew running around with the camera taking snap shots of everyone having a good time. She laughs, giggles, and everyone turns around to look at her holding the camera.

It’s twilight the air loses its radiant warmth from noon. People are now wearing their coats, sweaters, and jackets. The adults sit out on the white plastic seats looking over their children running around playing with the house pet, Nibbles. Nibbles (a dog) runs tumbling with the kids, wagging his tail in happy excitement. The dog and the children prance around the dim lights until the older nephews call them over, “Come on, hurry up. We’re about to light up the firecrackers!” The sound from Anthony’s trombone shouts to them. The kids run to Anthony, he takes a few steps towards the middle of the road, takes out a lighter from his pocket and a pack of firecrackers lights them up and tosses them away.

The girls cover their fingers, shrieking at the top of their lungs while the boys stand back in surprise and excitement to watch the flares jump and dance around on the asphalt. The smoke rises in big yawns covering the asphalt underneath. The kids cheer energetically, jumping up and down clapping their hands. All the while adults sit back with another can in their hand while reminiscing of their own days under the sun on Fourth of July.

Poker in Illinois

Poker is card game which is supposed to be one of the most difficult and unsure forms of gambling the ability to outsmart fellow players even while holing low cards is the key elements for a good poker player. It is a game of chance but the element of luck plays the least part in the poker game. It is a question of holding one’s nerves and not allowing internal emotions to be seen on the face which keep the opponents guessing about your hand all the time. Therefore, more than luck a person’s ability counts more in poker games. However, it is considered one of the many forms of gambling. In many countries like India, there is a total ban on any form of betting except in the case of horse racing, the logic behind exempting horse racing has never been explained satisfactorily. Most Western countries allow betting under license. Because it is legal Casinos flourish popularizing betting in various forms including card games like poker, slot machines, roulettes etc. In the USA with a federal constitution, laws differ from one state to another. It is therefore not surprising that in the state of Illinois, playing of poker in homes with cash bets is illegal.

The law enforcement against is very strict. People do try to play the game of poker among friends with small bets. This may go on undetected as the possibility of a raid on homes is very remote. It is again a question of taking a chance, to play game of chance. If detected you may be dragged to a court of law and may get a fine imposed on you. You should also be more careful while playing in somebody else’s home where one or two people known to you. The law enforcing agency is quite keen to catch people playing poker in their homes with cash bets. Instead of raiding a place they try to put their own man in as a player so that the people can be caught red handed. The moral of the whole story is that you should avoid completely playing poker in home with real money.

Online playing of poker with cash bets is also illegal in Illinois. The record shows no one has so far been arrested. Since the law enforcement agency is very serious about it, you are advised that playing poker in any form in any homes is best avoided. Online poker games offer free money games and these should be availed of by people who have the urge to play poker in the homes. Real money games are offered separately at a different address. The real money games, however, have good traffic and have variety in their games and incentives.

The state of Illinois has made it abundantly clear that it does not want its citizens to play poker stars in their homes. The only alternative left is for you to pay the game online. The other alternative is to go to alive casino.

The theory on semi-bluffing

One of the most important generic poker strategy is semi bluffing. If you cannot semi bluff then your options would definitely be limited when it comes to winning pots and you would also make yourself very predictable to other players. Every strong player would know how to use this effective strategy.

How does it work?

Semi bluffing in poker is basically a situation where you bet even when you don’t have a strong hand. However, your hand may have some chance to improve and become the best hand like a straight draw or a flush. You wouldn’t mind everyone else folding their strong hands but if they do call you would still have a few options for winning a larger pot.

Generic poker strategy on semi bluffing

The game theory states that you must play in a way that would optimize your chances of winning. The tool can be used very effectively in games since it will give you several chances of winning. If you continue to play a straight game and fold all but your premium hands then your options for winning would be very few and your players would be able to easily read you, which would decrease your chances of winning further. Without semi bluffing a player would only win when he or she hits a solid hand. However, with this effective tool you would be able to win when your opponent folds even with solid hands.

Even with semi bluffing it would be very important for you to play random so that your opponents would not be able to develop any specific strategy against you. There are several players who learn how to semi bluff but they do it in such a predictable way that it has no results whatsoever on the table. What this means is that you must not continue to semi bluff with each hand should randomize it in such a way that your opponents would not be able to figure out when you actually have a winner and when you are bluffing. One of the greatest players in poker is Doyle Brunson and he is known for semi bluffing consistently. With televised poker tournaments and events a lot of people have seen how he plays and how he uses semi bluffing as a powerful arsenal in his game plan.

Several players think that semi bluffing and bluffing are the same. However, there is a lot of difference between both of these strategies. When you bluff, you would be doing so with a hand that is very weak and does not even have any high chances of becoming a strong hand later on. With semi bluffing on Party Poker you would be playing hands which may not be strong right now but they do have a strong probability of improving at a later stage in the game.

How to Play Texas Holdem PokerStar Game

Stud poker is a variant of the poker game in which cards are dealt in a pre set combination of face up and face down cards with betting rounds following each type of dealing. Based on the Stud Poker is the Community Card Poker in which each player is given an incomplete round of face down cards while the rest of the cards are kept face up in the centre of the table, each of which can be used by one or more players to create a five card hand. The Texas Hold’em is a variant of the Community Card Poker game.

Texas Hold’em is a poker variant which has some fundamental rules which need to be mastered before one can learn to excel at this game.

The basic ground rule is discipline. If you do not stick to the basic principle of discipline, then you will never be a good poker player. If you know that you should not tilt on your bet, then you should inculcate the self-discipline to stick to your decision no matter what.

Knowing how to bet, what the bet amount should be, when to raise the bet and so forth are important decisions around which the entire game is built. Hence, it is important to know how to bet properly before you begin to play the game.

Poker is a thoughtful game and you need to focus on the bets made and the positions that other players take up around the bets. When blind bets are made or forced, the thoughtful players need to focus their attention on the semi-thoughtful or thoughtless players to make the most of the situation.

This said, let’s see how the game is played – firstly, each person playing is given two cards, face down, called pocket cards. Then, the two players to the left of the dealer puts out blind bets, the first on the left put up a smaller blind than the other who is sitting farther left of the dealer. The first big move comes from the third player on the left of the dealer who can either raise the bet, fold it or raise. The action then continues clockwise round the table. After the first round of betting is finished, three cards are placed face up in the centre of the table, called the flop; these are the community cards which will be used by each of the players to form their best hand. After the flop is introduced, betting begins from the left of the dealer and the player can either check or bet. After this, a fourth card called the fourth street or turn card is introduced face up on the table and another turn of betting ensues. The final card called the fifth street or river is now introduced and the final turn of betting occurs. The players that are remaining now have a showdown, whereby their hands are revealed and the one who has the best combination with the pocket cards in hand and those on the table, wins the game.

This is the basic way the Texas Hold’em poker game is played, often called the “Cadillac of Poker”.

Generic poker strategy- a few very helpful strategies

Any generic poker strategy would be a little personal to every player since everyone would have different ways of dealing with poker situations. Some of the players will want a generic poker strategy that reduces risks, others would want to go for something that offers unlimited results even if it means taking a higher risk. For any strategy to be effective in poker, it will have to be suited to your needs and your poker style.

Know what type of generic poker strategy will work in what situation

As a player you will also have to know what kind of poker strategies tend to work in what type of situations. Some of the players are daring and would be more willing to take risks. Such players will rely on strategies are more forward pushing and reactive. However, if you want to chase after the bigger prizes you will also have to be ready for bigger losses. The type of game you play and the type of strategies that will work best for you will depend on your personality too. In some cases, it might be necessary for you to adopt a slightly different generic poker strategy in order to get out of an uncomfortable spot. If you are an aggressive and a natural blunt player then it would be best for you to play at a game which has novices and amateurs since you will be able to pressurize them and take advantage of them. However, when you play against seasoned players an aggressive play will hardly work.

Generic poker strategy- have sufficient bankroll

Always ensure that your bankroll is reasonable enough. Do not simply win a few games and think that you can play at the high stake poker games since you will only end up losing it all. As a rule, your bankroll should be such that it will allow you to play around 100 games roughly. You will also have to remember that in tilt poker, it is not possible for you to win at all times and you can never really be a master. There will always be something new for you to learn at all times, new method of assessing the odds, new card combinations or new methods of playing. Anyone who thinks they know it all would be susceptible to loosing a lot of money.

Knowing which type of generic poker strategy to select

The type of generic poker strategy that you select will also depend mainly on the kind of game you play since in some variations of poker there may be different desirable hands. In Texas Hold’em, high pairs in a starting hand can be excellent in almost every situation whether or not the cards on the board turn out to be in your favour. However, if the flop goes against the high pairs then your odds would not be in your favour and it would be best to fold no matter what the betting level is.

PokerStars and Wynn Union

Steve Wynn the CEO of Wynn Resorts Ltd a leading casino in Las Vegas has made an important announcement stating that he has entered into a deal with the country’s leading online casino PokerStars, to form a strategic alliance. By doing so, Steve Wynn has credibility to online poker. In return, he can claim to be an associate of the leading poker brand. He gets a powerful ally to thwart attempts by business interests and law makers to exclude off shore online poker companies from operating in the U.S.A. it is noteworthy that online poker companies registered in foreign countries have had an un hindered access to the U.S online market. The alliance move is really an effort to play a hide and seek game with the Federal Law enforcement agencies. Unless the present US law is abolished and new law enacted, making online betting legal and also setting out procedures for regulating the operations of the online poker companies, the present game will continue.

By a mere announcement of the formation of a powerful alliance and his intention to use the alliance to canvas for legalizing and regulating online betting Steve Wynn has already set the ball rolling. The lure of great revenue collection and also the creation of many jobs have made at least one state to set up agencies for regulating on line poker play within the state. The lawmakers have justified this move by saying that the state is going to have a very much improved tax collection. Another state has done the same thing but on a limited scale by allowing foreign registered to operate within the state, in collaboration with a local gambling company.

PokerStarsWynn is registered in the Isle of Man but has a strangle hold on the US online poker market circumventing US law and never been caught for a violation of law. The U.S Justice Department has given the opinion clearly that any facility offered for making money through online poker is a violation of US law. They have compared the position with regard to sports betting which is illegal in U.S. PokerStars have been running around consulting many leading US law firms regarding the legal status of playing online poker in the U.S.A. Curiously, in spite of the Justice Department’s clearly expressed opinion in the matter legal advisors have informed PokerStars that playing online poker is no violation of US law.

Perhaps, it is with a view to get this tug of war ended that Steve Wynn his movement for passing legislation in favor of online batting and having regulatory agency for proper implementation of the law. Mark Scheinberg who owns PokerStars along with his father has commented in a statement that PokerStars are closely regulated in many European countries and he would like to have the same system adopted in the U.S.A also. According to him, the new regulatory regime will give consumers good protection. Many jobs will be crated and the Government will also be benefitted by increased revenue. Steve Wynn is determined that efforts for legalizing online betting are not aborted.